Diamond Services

Custom Engraving

We specialize in custom diamond engraving. With our on-site Exhiemer laser, our skilled technicians can custom engrave diamonds from .25ct and higher with just about anything. Custom engrave a diamond for a special store promotion or charity.

Help a valued customer make their anniversary or wedding proposal even more endearing with a personal note on their diamond. Build a private branded diamond just for your store.

Diamond Recutting

Whether you have a diamond in need of repair, or you would like to maximize the value of an antique, mine or transitional cut diamond you have in your safe, our recutting services can help.

Recutting a diamond to a modern standard can substantially increase the value of the stone by up to 50%.

Diamond Evolution

If you have an older cut of diamond you can have it recut to the modern standard, and increase it’s beauty and value in the process.